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We weren’t due to record another episode of the podcast until next week, but with the impromptu What’s New What’s next event happening in Disneyland Paris, and so much news coming out of that, we absolutely had to talk about it while it was fresh on everyone’s minds. We talk about the huge refurbishments planned, to cover all the hotels and areas all over Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. We talk about all the new merchandise and introduce the amazing Disney Art on Demand. There’s also news of a certain Disneyland Paris show coming back…

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This episode was always going to feature a lot about Ratatouille, but not before Captain EO, LEGO Store, Halloween, Christmas and Buzz Lightyear's Pizza Planet in Disneyland Paris were discussed. Things started to get a little interesting as visitors from the future came on with some very exciting breaking news about the very Ratatouille ride Steve & mark has just been talking about!

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In this very special episode of our Disneyland Paris podcast we are joined by Peter Bell, who at one time worked as a Cast Member in Disneyland Paris. Hear about how he got interested in Disneyland Paris, what attractions he worked on, whether he got park envy and lots of stories about his time there. Peter is a walking talking encyclopaedia of Disneyland Paris, so you'll hear lots about the history of the resort, things that went wrong and a tale about possibly the daftest family to ever visit!

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The first half of this special Disneyland Paris podcast episode sees a big discussion about the latest speculation that there won't be any new big attractions in Disneyland Paris until 2022! There's all the latest news about Christmas and Halloween in Disneyland Paris and then Mark disappears! The second half is just Steve, in his office at work, answering questions from all of you!

Remember to look out for Episode 21 which will be coming very soon and will feature an interview with an ex Cast member of Disneyland Paris - it's a must listen episode!

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