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November has started and that means Christmas season has arrived at DLP! Join Emily and Beth as they discuss dining options in the parks during November, Bonfire Night festivities in Disney Village and other topics.

The highlight of this episode is an interview with a special guest: Jeff Kessler. Jeff is long-time US Disney park fan who just recently visited DLP for the very first time. He gives his perspective on what Disneyland Paris gets right...and wrong. 

If you would like to hear more about the Disney parks in the USA, we recommend you try the podcast "Geekin on WDW".  

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One of our recent posts to the D2DLP Facebook page garnered a huge response. Over 100 fans spoke up and shared their own "unpopular" views on Disneyland Paris. One admitted to disliking Phantom Manor, an attraction beloved by many. Another confessed feeling that Armageddon was fabulous. In short, there was no shortage of controversial statements!

In this episode, Emily, Vanessa and Beth sort through these entertaining comments and then give their own takes on the subject. They also discuss Halloween 2019 at DLP, as well as give news updates on Phantom Manor, Buzz Lightyear and other timely park topics.

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D2DLP Staffer Vanessa is just back from her latest Disneyland Paris trip and has so much to share that we decided that her adventures deserved their own podcast episode.

She was lucky enough to be one of the very first guests to stay at the newest hotel near DLP: Staycity Aparthotel. Her review will definitely get you thinking about giving it a try for your next trip!

She also attended the September 13 Annual Passholder party, which promised numerous meet and greets with special characters. Did it live up to the hype?

And finally, we talk about the latest trend to in Disney merch, as Vanessa got an up-close look at the new line of pale blue items that might bring to mind a certain icy princess. Arendelle Aqua is definitely making waves!

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The D2DLP team has been through a lot since the last episode: hospital stays, broken computers and all kinds of crazy events. But we are back again and ready to discuss our favourite Disney resort: Disneyland Paris!

We will talk about the Lion King and Jungle Festival and  also how to make the most out of your time if you only have one day to spend at DLP. Then Beth chats  a bit about her trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort and how it stacks up against DLP.

At the end, we ask for your input: Do you have an "unpopular" DLP opinion? If so, head to our Facebook page and tell us about it. Your contribution just may end up on the next episode!

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April 2019 sees the relaunch of the Dedicated to Disneyland Paris podcast. Hosts Emily, Vanessa and Beth are the Disney fans behind the many posts to the D2DLP Facebook page these last few months. In this inaugural episode, you can hear their take on the latest DLP news, including  the opening date of Phantom Manor and the refurbishment it has undergone. They also discuss the recent changes to the Annual Pass prices and perks.

Join in on the discussion over on our Facebook page. The community is fun and your question or comment might just make it onto the next show!

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